Indiranagar – The Food.

Electric Cats Bed & Breakfast and Annexe Hostel locations are both conveniently located in Indiranagar, one of Bangalore’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Stan, owner of Electric Cats and notorious foodie, will have tons of advice for where to go for a great meal. But until you decide to take him up on going out for lunch, here are a couple joints that have made waves in Indiranagar.

Glen’s Bakehouse – A great breakfast and desert place that is notorious for their eggs benny and cupcakes. They also happen to have an enchanting European look and feel.

Toit Brewery – A cool local spot that is packed every weekend. On top of a great atmosphere, they also happen to have some of the best locally brewed beer in the city at reasonable prices! 350 a Pint!


Kund – Need a break from dosas and other Southern Indian cuisine? Stop by Kund, a local’s spot that has some of the best Northern Indian food at a reasonable price in the neighborhood.


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